Ekadashi Fast

About Ekadashi
We all wish to be happy,have good health,get success,peace and spiritual growth. In order to achieve all this things we observe Ekadasi Vrata, Which is the most important day for Lord Vishnu to get blessed for our devotion from our heart.

Papa-Purusha and Ekadasi
There is a short story why Ekadasi is observed by the people. Once Lord Vishnu created a Papa-Purusha(Sin personified) who has the form of embodiment of the worst kinds of sin. The main reason for Lord Vishnu to create Papa-Purusha is to punish the evil human beings and also make them suffer for their sin doings. During the Ekadasi, Papa-Purusha absorbs all the sins of the people and move away from one place to another in fear of losing the hope and happiness.
He finally prayed to Lord Vishnu to give him shelter to stay. Then Lord Vishnu advised him to take shelter in the grains during Ekadasi. As per Lord Vishnu's order, Papa-Purusha started to take shelter in grains during Ekadasi. So people who wish to stay away from sins should not eat grains on Ekadasi.

Science behind fasting on Ekadasi
We all know that fasting a day in a week will help improve our health in many ways. In the same way fasting on the day of Ekadasi will be good for our health.
On the day of Ekadasi the atmospheric pressure will be the lowest(Eleventh day both after the new moon and the full moon days) and it is believed to be the most favourable time to fast . It helps in improving the process of digestive system(which is normally over worked due to improper eating habits) will help to purify the blood,improve the working of the kidneys,reducing the blood cholesterol and also helps to eliminate the toxins.

Rules to follow for the Ekadasi Vrat

  • We should avoid the consumption of grains,pulsus,peas and beans.
  • The leaves of Tulasi plant should not be picked on the day of Ekadasi and Dwadasi(The day following Ekadasi)
  • On the day of Ekadasi we fast completely or take water only. We can also have fruits,milk,nuts and other dry fruits etc.(which do not contain grains)
  • On the day of Ekadasi we should pray to Lord Vishnu with devotion and concentration and spent more time in Sravanam(listening),Kirtanam(Chanting) and smaranam(Reciting) of Lord Vishnu.
  • We should offer a lamp,incense tulasi leaves(picked the day before),flowers and fruits to Lord Vishnu at home.
  • We should also visit near by Lord Vishnu Temple if possible and seek his blessings.
  • We should also chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranama.
  • The next day of Ekadasi that is Dwadasi we should take bath in the morning and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and break your fast during the parana time, which is different for every Dwadasi.