Padmanabhaswamy Temple Treasure

Padmanabhaswamy temple which is situated in the capital city of kerala (Thiruvananthapuram) is the richest temple in the world with an estimation of more than 1 Trillion treasure hidden in the secret vaults.
Like all the temples hidden stories, kerala's Shree padmanabhaswamy temple also had a story for it's secret vaults with treasure. A total of 6 vaults named as A,B,C,D,E & F have been found. Each vault except vault 'B' had been opened by a team approved by the supreme court of India and found major priceless treasure in them. Thousands of jewels,gold idols and gold coins were uncovered.

It is believed that vault 'B' is guarded by two enormous cobras and is rumored to be protecting the inner most hidden chamber. It is also said that people who tried to open the vault 'B' door physically has met with disastrous results.
The mysterious vault 'B' has kept everyone thinking for years as nobody has the dare (or) the power to open them by chanting the 'Garuda Mantra'. This myth of vault 'B' and it's curse when tried to open it were discounted when Vinod Rai (Auditor general) informed the supreme court that vault 'B' had been opened atleast seven times to his knowledge since the year 1990 and nothing horrific happened.

According to another audit the gold and wealth of sree Padmanabhaswamy temple was shown disappearing mysteriously. It is also believed that upto 769 gold pots and silver bars have been reported missing. Some theories also suggest that there is a hidden tunnel below the chamber that was allowed the architects to lock the chamber doors from within, which makes them impossible to breach. This secret tunnel may be used for many years to steal the wealth from the secret vault without anyone noticing.

A bench of expert panel which is observing the assets of the temple has approached the apex court to grant permission for the opening of the secret vault 'B'. This decision was being opposed by some of the devotees as well as the Travancore Royal family. But the decision is pending in the supreme court.
According to many myths there may be a hidden chamber beyond vault 'B'. This chamber is told to have very thick walls made of solid gold and could contain more treasure combined to all the vaults together.
Sree Padmanabha temple is solely dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is currently run by the trust headed by the Royal family of Travancore from the past. It was controlled by the trust, but now the Supreme court of India  has removed them from leading the trust management of the temple.