Cheti Chand

When is Cheti Chand celebrated?
It is one of the religious holiday which is called Sindhi New Year and is celebrated on the 2nd day in the sindhi month of chet.
It usually comes in late March (or) early April according to the Gregorian Calendar and generally comes on the same day of Gudi Padwa which is known in Maharashtra. Ugadi in telugu and Kannada New Year in southern part of India.

Tradition of Cheti Chand
The Cheti Chand festival will mark the arrival of spring and harvest and also the beginning of Hindu New Year for the people of Sindui Hindus. It is also seen as an auspicious day for the people doing business as it marks the beginning of the new financial Year. It also marks the birthday of Uderocal in the year 1007, People of Sindhis when prayed to Varuna, the god of the Sindhu river, to get saved from the persecution by a despotic ruler called Mirkhshah. Then uderolal took the form of a warrior and old man called Jhulelal, who convinced Mirkhshah that Hindus and Muslims deserve the same religious freedoms.
After this Jhulelal had become a key deity for the people of Sindhi. He is seen with bearded figure holding a book and a Mala(String of beads) sitting on a fish. He is also wished and prayed by sufi Muslims, Who associate him with Lal Shahbaz Qualandar, a Sufi saint.
The festival of Cheti Chand is celebrated with fairs,processions and feasts with the icons of Jhulelal and many other Hindu deities. It is also celebrated by Sindhi diaspora around the world.