Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja(Annakut Puja) which is also called as Bali Pratipada is celebrated after the festival of  Diwali in the month of Kartika. This day is celebrated by the people of Hindu religion as Lord Krishna defeated the God Indra. Some times this festival occurs one day after the festival of Diwali. People cook various food like wheat,rice,curry of gram flour and leafy vegetables in order to offer to Lord Krishna.

Why Govardhan Puja is Celebrated
It is also known as Bali Prati Pada (or) Bali Padva in states like Maharashtra. It is celebrated as the victory of Vamana(Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) over demon king Bali.

Story of Govardhan Puja
In the past the people of Gokul were used to worship Lord Indra, also known as God of Rain. Seeing this Lord Krishna consulted the people of Gokul to worship Annakut Hill (or) Govardhan Prabat as he is the real god who saves their lives and also provide good conditions for their harvest,food and shelter.
Hence, the people of Gokul started worshipping the mountain instead of Lord Indra. By watching this Lord Indra got angry and started raining too much in the village of Gokula. Then Lord Krishna had saved the lives of the people by lifting the Govardhan hill with his little finger and covered the people under it to provide shelter from rain and thunder storms of Lord Indra.

Celebrating Annakul (or) Govardhan Puja
People of Muthura and Gokul celebrate this festival with a great enthusiasm and pleasure. People take head bath and wear new cloths and visit near by Lord Krishna temples. They also form a Govardhan Dhariji with the heap of cow dung and mountain of food and adorn it with the flowers & worship it.
People make variety of Bhog and present it to Lord Krishna. Idols of Lord Krishna are bathed in milk and clothes with new clothes as well as jewellery. Later they worship Lord Krishna with traditional prayers,Bhog and aarti. Particularly in North and south Indian states this festival is celebrated with various event and decoration of Lord Krishna temples. People receive prasad and get blessed from Lord Krishna after performing this puja.