There are two kinds of Gruhapravesam celebrated in our country(India). One is when a women gets married, For the first time when she enters her husband's house, It is used to be a big event. So there is a process for her to enter the house and that process is performing Gruhapravesam. Because a women with what intentions (or) traditional ways enters your house will determine the nature of your future and also your progeny and how they live. It is believed that if a women enters the husband's house with love,caring for the family and wanting to totally give time for the family. If a women enters the husband's house having something else in her heart or mind, then she will not bring up the family in good way and face obstacles for the entire family. So it is important for a newly married women enter a house with utmost honor and auspiciousness. There is a lot of ritual around the event, But this ritual is becoming smaller and smaller and now a days a women enters the husband's house before she is married to him, But how she enters the home does not mean anything anymore. In earlier days this is not the process. A marriage means couple living together and looking after the entire family and their children happily. And this process can be done by first performing the Gruhapravesam for the future success and peaceful family.

The other kind of Gruhapravesam is when we construct a new house in a space and entering it with proper virtuals done and i.e Gruhapravesam. We all have a thought of building a dram home (or) building with proper planning,vastu,painting etc with right condition. After building our dream house we should always follow the rituals to be performed before entering the house and that is Gruhapravesam.
Gruhapravesam is a small form of conserving a space. No one will be entering a new house without performing Gruhapravesam as it is important for bringing a sense of life energy, So that people who live in the house will naturally move towards a better and happy life with the entire family. Now a days people consecrate when ever a new movie,opening a new event etc to get success all through out their life.
No person should live in a house without performing Gruhapravesam, Because for example if we plant a plant on earth with rich minerals of earth then flowers and fruits will grow. If the earth is not rich with minerals in the soil then the fruits and flowers will not grow. Even if they grow they appear to be merger, It will never be a full blown flowering. So we always give more importance to these parts of life. So Gruhapravesam is a process of creating the right kind of soil for a plant to produce a flower or fruit. So money (or) wealth does not bring any fundamentals in our life, A good environment with the energy of life is needed for living a happy life.